Looking for the Overseas Education Consultants, Shri Hari Consultancy stands top among prominent overseas education consultants based out in Raipur, India. We comprise industry experts focusing on government universities in foreign countries at almost half of the cost of private universities in India. Simply, where others fall short, Shri Hari Consultancy delivers success. We offer the most appropriate advice and recommendations in order to select excellent medical colleges for Indian students in foreign countries. We guide you to pick the globally recognized universities and colleges.

Being one of the leading Study Abroad Education Consultants in Raipur, our area of expertise includes MBBS in Tajikistan, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in Kazakhstan, MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in the USA, and Study MBBS in Abroad. Obtaining admission in abroad in such noteworthy colleges and universities is really challenging, but being a reliable Overseas Education Consultants, we are adapted to deal with challenges. If you possess the essential qualifications, we assure and turn the further things in your favor. Certainly, you need a budget for your education and accommodation in foreign universities, but we guide you with the most economical way to accomplish your overseas education.

We additionally provide efficient financial guidelines for obtaining easy education loans. Our overseas education experts will prepare you for the mock interviews of visa processing. Simply, we assist you in the selection of the most suitable overseas education programs. Our services comprise updated elements for Overseas Education. Apart from Overseas MBBS, Shri Hari Consultancy possesses a team of expert foreign education counselors to introduce you the exclusive international programs like Study MBA in Europe, MBA Abroad at similar to MBA fee in India at the premier management colleges as well as free Education in Germany, i.e. Study in Germany for free. For Admission to MBBS in Foreign Countries, you may rely on Shri Hari Consultancy as we are the singular Education Consultants in Raipur, India.


  • Visualizing a world where financial obstacles and other obligations could not stop talented student.
  • Turning the dreams of Indian students seeking overseas education to reality
  • Facilitating favorite education program abroad to Indian students
  • Assisting the students in the selection of overseas courses of study according to their suitability
  • Our counselor will talk to ascertain the direction of your ambitions
  • Suggesting the best way to optimize the potential of students
  • Resolving the queries and confusion of aspirants while selecting an education program in foreign countries
  • Availing professional counseling has the necessary experience to guide you in the right manner.

Our Mission:

  • Maintaining the most comprehensive database of colleges and universities in foreign countries
  • Being the one-stop destination for Indian aspirants seeking overseas education
  • Breaking myths of Studying Abroad by providing precise clarification and assistance
  • Catering solution to every query related to overseas education
  • Providing personalized guidance and admission assistance in overseas education across the world
  • Counseling Indian aspirants looking for MBBS admission in foreign countries and provide personalized resources
  • Prioritizing the preferences of Indian aspirants and accomplishing their requirements through professional mentorship.


  • To provide hassle-free overseas admission assistance
  • To outline the direction students’ career through guiding them to international schooling culture
  • To convey the entry passes to the best avenues of success for Indian students
  • To provide comprehensive assistance for Admission in foreign countries
  • To make everything simple from scholarship to visa processing for Indian students.
  • To prepare the applicant to help him shining confident.
  • To avail of the cost-effective overseas education solution.
  • To facilitate the universal connections to Indian aspirants.

Shri Hari Consultancy is one of the prominent overseas study consultants in India offering customized assistance to Indian aspirants seeking MBBS Education in Foreign Countries. We are officially associated with the eminent medical, engineering and management universities across the globe offering ample courses of study for Indian students.

Director Massage: 

Shri Hari Consultancy: Medical profession is a lifelong learning career. Shri Hari Consultancy , welcoming you to their school to be a part of one of the most fascinating human profession - the profession of Doctor. Our medical school has significant involvement and experience in preparing of doctors for foreign countries & employs the best specialists of Tajikistan Republic. We have a close cooperation with leading foreign medical institutions that ensures you the high quality of training. 

Strong academic potential and collaboration with medical institutions, use of recent or modern technologies ensure best professional training and future and future professional activities and achievements of our graduates. We concern the best training techniques that make it possible for students to develop problem-solving skills, learn how to get information and improve abilities to evaluate new information critically. Medical Training is all based on current or up-to-date standards applied in European countries. 

We pay our attention on offering students the training programs best fit to their home country or places where they want to practice in future. We also pay attention towards the personal growth of students by applying personal approach to each of them and provide them instant possible help to solve their problems related to accommodation, privacy, and security. We are personally answerable and responsible for you. 

Dr. Rajendra Chipa 


Shri Hari Consultancy 

University Representative in India 

Dear applicants, 

Medicine is a great Endeavor and we'd like to acknowledge each one of you for having chosen to be in this noble profession. Studying at ATSMU creates a path towards building your career in this gracious field of public service. Through your tenure at ATSMU , you will be provided with various opportunities to express your devotion towards the good of mankind by participating in various medical apprentice programmers. We, at ATSMU are given the great opportunity by the International University of Tajik Republic to facilitate aspiring students in realizing their dreams. We create conducive atmosphere for study and development. Along with students, even parents are kept involved by posting monthly attendance details and progress reports on the academy website. Along with looking after academic, curricular needs, the institute also coaches students for the MCI screening test from the 1st year of MBBS. ATSMU creates a homely ambience for students at the university campus by looking after various needs such as providing with Indian food, laundry services and other house-keeping facilities. By taking care of these basic amenities, the institute ensures that students devote all their time to what they are here to accomplish excellence in the ¬field of medicine! At ATSMU , we can assure you that students will discover ample opportunities to explore and discover their interests and hone their thinking at every level. The blend of cross-cultural students will also ensure exposure to newer cultures and ethos. This aids in developing global sensibilities amongst individuals and forwards overall development in the international context. We'd like to invite you to take this magnanimous leap towards a bright future in medicine. Join the ATSMU family! 


Dr. Phani Bhushan Potu 

Thank you! 

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