ATSMU Students


Today Avicenna Tajik State Medical University named after Abu Ali ibn Sina - one of the biggest focuses of all around perceived medical education and a scope of related controls & disciplines. The overall structure of the University planned and implemented in a specific order to give every student each opportunity to satisfy their potential. 

Effectively teach students attracted to different types of teaching and research work with a specific end goal to quickly get our graduate diploma was an undeniable expert in their picked claim to fame. 

In the year 2010 ATSMU began the 5 years complete MBBS program for foreign medical students. As a consultancy firm we effort as MBBS from Tajikistan admission consultant & MBBS from DUSHANBE admission consultant. Our consultancy is genuine & helpful to you to get admission in ATSMU for MBBS program. 

Students Life: 

What could be better in the young fellow's life than his student years? These are the greatest years of a man's life! Once a student is able to say in the night, walking for quite a long time or for days, however it successfully pass the session, make numerous new companions, friends and appreciate old, know about the most recent music, book and internet news, and additionally idealize treat for guardians and regard senior citizens. In other words we can say to carry on with a full student life. 

Students years that make up 5 years, you will pass as a minute; it's a beautiful brilliant period in the life of a young man. Today you as a freshman, not knowing how to get to the seat of anatomy, what rank and session, and tomorrow you will be young expert who are hesitant to put the first analysis & diagnosis and take your first patient. 

Do you recognize what a hostel and student parties; Student support and love; first rank and the primary session, and retake the exam, truancy and mining, scholarship and vacations? Confidence - is a sign of the student. He was confident of a bright future, he finds a way from any circumstance and this is not one. That is the thing that we need. About Student's extremely well said brilliant century faultfinder DI Pisarev, "Something allured me to the university; in the other words "student", "professor", "crowd or audience", " Lecture "is a kind of curious appeal, something free, youthful and smart it appeared to me in the student's life," ... the only way it should be carried out student life: greed run on lectures, articles, books, monographs, manuals. Student years are splendid, bright, & loveliest time of life. Appreciate each moment of it!

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